Puddle Jumpers
Nature Preschool 



                                                 Forest Kindergarten Class
                                                                             Ages 5-6
                                                                        9:30 am- 1:30 pm

Utopia Forest school offers nature based, hands on learning which fosters discoveries that integrate Science, Math, Literacy, and the Arts. 

We offer a kind & cooperative learning environment that instills values of environmental stewardship & love for the natural world and all it's gifts. We are a small Family owned and operated community nature school. We offer wonderfully low class ratios far below the industry standards. Our low ratios demonstrate our school's commitment to each child's safety, happiness & education.

The Problem with Traditional schools

           They're all working from the same basic blueprint. Every "classroom" is the pretty much the same with very little differentiation.

        Children spend many years in formal schooling where they will be required to sit still, be quiet, walk in straight lines, be taught 

           what to learn not how to learn. They wait patiently and suffer frustration from being cooped up spending their entire day indoors.

                                                  Traditional schools are still teaching the same old antiquated model of:

  •                                                                                                   Come in
  •                                                                                                  Sit down
  •                                                                                                   Be quiet
  •                                                                                                   Be still
  •                                                                 Fight every instinct you have to be active and social
  •                                                             Get used to learning what we decide & doing what we command
  •                                                              Begin learning to stay at your little desk for your own good.

Has this ever been good for children?

Does it inspire creative learning or new discoveries?

  Does it teach children to love learning or does it just break a child's spirit?


3 Day Enrollment Designed for Home school families!

The 3 day class is great for those looking to supplement their at home learning experiences. This class is best suited for active adventurous learners ages 5-6 who enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. This class offers plenty of active outdoor play and plenty of hands on learning in the great outdoors

3 Day Class options:
Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs/Fri
$340 Monthly Tuition
Registration/supply fee $150

5 Day Enrollment offers a full Forest curriculum 

The 5 day class is a full curriculum kindergarten class best suited for active adventurous learners ages 5-6 who enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. Perfect class for those children who have missed the cut off date for kindergarten as well as those seeking an alternative to traditional indoor classroom schools. This class offers plenty of active outdoor play and hands-on learning!

5 Day Enrollment  Mon-Fri 
$500 Monthly Tuition
Registration/supply fee $150.


Registration/supply fee of $150. per child and first month's tuition is due upon enrollment to reserve your child's spot. 
Fee is not pro-rated. Students are required to have the appropriate outerwear for all seasons including waterproof raincoats, waterproof rain pants & rain boots. We take learning outdoors year round in all safe weather! Registration fee and 1st month's tuition are required to reserve your spot. 
Payments are non-refundable.