Puddle Jumpers
Nature Preschool 


                                         Puddle Jumpers is the perfect place to work and “Never Grow Up”! 

                                We are a great place to work for those of us who have “Peter Pan Syndrome”

Our Teachers Love nature and being outdoors in all kinds of weather!

Constantly ask questions to establish children's interests. 

Extend the curriculum lessons to embrace the children's interests

Create a learning environment that intrigues and interests their students

Learn about each child's learning style to help each individual succeed in their education. Listen, document, and reflect daily for the purpose of curriculum planningWelcome parent, extended family, and community involvement.

Email applications to:

Seeking Puddle Jumper Preschool Teachers with a happy, sunny personality and a positive disposition who love the great outdoors!

To be a Preschool Teacher at Puddle Jumpers Nature Preschool requires much more than the basic requirements listed below. We are a unique preschool environment and choose our teachers for their unique talents as well. 

If you are familiar with Forest schools and Nature preschools and enjoy teaching outdoors please read on...

First and foremost we are a business based in “Gratitude”! 

This approach is how we run our business, how we treat our families, our children, our Teachers, camp counselors and volunteers. Puddle Jumpers does not believe in the use of the traditional Hierarchy system used in most Preschool and childcare settings. We do not have “Lead” Teachers or “Assistant” Teachers. All of our staff must be qualified or trained to be a “Lead” Teacher. We all do the same job and the responsibility of running this program is equally shared by all staff.

Everyone is responsible for cleaning, supervision and teaching, changing diapers, potty training, etc. While each individual will bring in their own talents, interests, abilities, and experiences, everyone is expected to share in the duties of  running our program and everyone will be rewarded by our successes. We offer competitive pay to qualified applicants in a lovely, inspiring, safe, happy work environment full of fresh air, sunshine, mud puddles, rain boots, nature walks, music, science, trees, insects, lizards and frogs, snowmen, sandcastles and eternal childhood! 

If you would like to be A “Puddle Jumpers” Teacher 

You must meet the requirements below:

Read each page of our website!

Visit our Facebook page.

Familiarize yourself with our Preschool program.

Read through our Curriculum page on this website.

You must also meet the basic qualifications listed below:

Qualifying letter from DCDEE (criminal records check and background clearance check)

 (Division of Child Development and Early Education)

*Link above
*NO criminal history and NO DSS investigations into the mistreatment of children in your care.
A degree is preferred in the field of early childhood education. We also like to hire well rounded and educated teachers with interesting talents and a love of the great outdoors. A degree in forestry, agriculture, architecture, art, education, literature, history and of course any science degree is very welcome. 

Confidence is welcome however Egos are not. We are a team and everyone is valued and asked to contribute their talents and to share the responsibilities of running our program. Only team players with positive attitudes welcome!
We only seek teachers with talents and abilities to improve our program. Do you use Pinterest or other online resources to find fun activities or craft ideas for your class? Do you check out books at the library to share with your class? Do you take nature walks and collect things to enhance the classroom? Do you use the Pender County Smart Start resource room to check out items to enhance and prepare for your curriculum learning themes? What resources will you utilize to become a great preschool teacher and expand upon our "Growing up wild" curriculum? 
Please read about our curriculum on the Nature Preschool page!
Is your appearance and manner professional and conservative? 
Your conservative professional appearance, preschool friendly vocabulary, and your good manners must be on point. You will representing a local family owned business. It is important that you hold personal and professional standards that are morally befitting someone who works with families and young children.